Well, I warned you all this would be a big one. These epilogues don’t mess around! Let’s queue up the drama button everyone!

So everyone assumed Parker was spying for her mom, when really Simon was in her back pocket all along! Morgan suspected something was up. Heck, even the Human Resources Department thought something was amiss.

Demonatrix mentioned her “ace in the hole” after Malefactor refused her offer (yep, that was Simon, not Parker!). And when Primstone told her the Superpals proposal arrived, Demonatrix even said “that’s my good little spy.” It was right there!

Simon alluded to his “devious deals” in the same storyline. And when Demonatrix announced her takeover bid, notice how Simon’s reaction differs from the rest of the staff. And make note of Demonatrix’s reply!

So, this sort of explains Simon’s offer to help Parker. Maybe not as altruistic as he seems?

And yeah, he finally got his hands on that spell book. But given the trouble it’s caused in the past… you have to wonder what will happen when he uses it next.

All setting the stage for Season Two and beyond, my Heroites! And we still have one epilogue to go!

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