Temp Month continues — where you’ll be treated to different takes on the Hero Business universe through a series of special creators.

This week, we’ve got a gorgeous comic book cover homage, pulled from our suggestion box. Hero Biz fan Patricia suggested, “How about Fantastic Four #275 with She-Hulk on the cover?” And mega-artist mic? complied! Here’s the original cover:

I just LOVE what mic? did here, substituting Glamazon and Buddy Blathers for She-Hulk and the skeevy magazine editor. Heroites will also appreciate mic?’s version of the FF indicia box featuring the Femtastic Four. Plus, the “webcomics” refs. It’s perfect!

mic? is one of the featured “The Line It Is Drawn” artists on Comic Book Resources’ “Comics Should Be Good.” You can check out more of his fantastic work right here! And congrats to Patricia, who wins a Hero Biz swag bag for her chosen selection.

And next week, we’ve got TWO Temp comics. Bonus Hero Biz action with more awesome artists!