Happy Summer, Heroites! This week, our third Temp Month begins — where you’ll be treated to different takes on the Hero Business universe through a series of special creators.

And we kick off the event as I always do… with the multi-talented Caanan Grall returning to the Hero Business universe! You may recall last year’s excellent entry featuring Starry Knight. Or the previous entry featuring Glamazon.

This round, Caanan gives us a neat little Morgan-centric strip. The inspiration, as Caanan puts it: “tough girls are awesome and the world is full of too many douchey dudes bringing the gender down for all of us.” The HB Universe is very pro-women so I co-sign this in spades.

Do yourself a favor, and check out Caanan’s brilliant Max Overacts comic! Even better, BUY THE BOOK, which is wonderful! You won’t be disappointed!