It’s Holiday Bonus time, Heroites! And with that, we’ll have a few holiday Hero Biz goodies in the next few weeks!

First, I’m digging up an old favorite: a Hero Business holiday album homage (inspired by the Beach Boys Christmas Album).

A while back, I was inspired to do a number of these holiday album homages, from the 60s up to the 00s – featuring some favorite superheroes! Check ’em out:

XmasAlbum_HarleyQuinn_TLID_walko_144 XmasAlbum_TeenTitans_TLID_walko_144 XmasAlbum_TonyStark_TLID_walko_144 XmasAlbum_XLadies_TLID_walko_144 XmasAlbum_YoungJustice_TLID_walko_144

Can you name the iconic albums that inspired these?!

Stay tuned, we have some brand-new Hero Biz holiday bonuses as we close out the year!