A very special BONUS this week, Heroites!

When a superhero’s career spirals off track, who will help ’em fight to get the spotlight back? Why the Hero Business of course. But every good company (and comic book) needs a catchy theme song, right?

Introducing… The Hero Business Theme Song:

Download the track here, and feel free to use the above image as iTunes album art. I’m a HUGE Gorillaz fan, so this album cover homage to “Demon Days” was great fun. And, I dare you not to sing along! (Hey, Hey, Hey)

This weekend, I’m off to the spectacular Boston Comic-Con! The three day show (August 8-10th) promises to be a good one. I’ll be at table D429 with comics, prints and commissions all weekend.

PLUS, I’ll be hosting the Webcomics panel on FRIDAY:
4pm: Webcomics Panel
Danielle Corsetto, Yale Stewart, Tak Toyoshima, Bill Walko
Who knows? There may even be some panel giveaways!

The Hero Business Theme Song
Music & Vocals: Tim Lowe
Lyrics: Bill Walko & Tim Lowe

When a superhero’s career
Spirals off track
Who will help ’em fight
to get the spotlight back?

The Hero Business
when your super image is in trouble, they’re the ones to see
The Hero Business
With great power comes great marketability

With Simon on marketing
Morgan does PR
Bravado is consulting
but he thinks that he’s the star
receptionist Parker
Brody’s on designs
and in research and development
Dr. Eli !

It’s the Hero Business
It’s the Hero Business

They can Improve your public image
with a brand new set of tights
and when you save the city
they’ll secure the movie rights

Find you a new sidekick
place a damsel in distress
they’ll boost your fanboy following
just put ‘em to the test

At the..
Hero Business
…. branding and revamping, they know just what to do
The Hero Business
… power trips, plot twists, to be continued

It’s the Hero Business
It’s the Hero Business
Oh Yeah