“Hoax Kitten”? Think they’ll buy it?

And so concludes our fourth storyline, probably the most ambitious to date, loaded with twists and turns and a few reveals. We end on one final corker, revealing where that flying vial of cat elixir ended up. So what’s Simon gonna do with it?

Hope you enjoyed! I’m excited that I was finally able to share these plot bits that I’ve kept under wraps for so long. (Don’t believe me? Go back and read the bios and you’ll see some clues to some of our reveals…)

Lots of exciting stuff coming up! Next installment will be a holiday-themed Coffee Break. Then, January is “Temp Month,” where we’ll run guest comics by a host of talented artists who bring their own take on The Hero Business universe. Meanwhile, I’ll be ramping up the fifth storyline, which focuses on everyone’s favorite unscrupulous Marketing Director.

Also, a reminder that prints are still available in The Hero Business Gift Shop, along with a bunch of cool HB swag. Order while you can.

Alrightly then, Heroites, comments ahoy!