This week’s Hero Business runs a bit earlier this week, since the holidays re hitting this weekend. And with that, we close out our seventh storyline. I think this final page needs one of these, yes?


So looks like we haven’t seen the last of Clody after all. Then again. Malefactor said “99% of clones decompose in the first 48 hours.” But what about that 1%, Eli? Yeah… what about that?


I guess human cellular regeneration really is an “inexact science.” All covered in the terms of service agreement, I’m sure.


It’s been quite an eventful Comic-Con hasn’t it? The rise of Clody. The awakening of Minor Spoiler. Hex Kitten lives! Bravado gets a movie. Brody and Parker make up. The quest for Parker’s father begins!


Stay tuned, Heroites, because season two is just beginning to heat up! I’ll be back with new comics in 2017. In the meantime, check out my Facebook feed, where I’ll be running some holiday-themed HB treats.


Until then, enjoy the holidays.


Also, I wonder if this guy is ever getting his comic book back?