So, Heroites, Temp Month II will be starting up after our fourth storyline comes to a close. Over a four week period, I’ve be posting Hero Business comics and drawing from a series of talented creators while I gear up for our fifth exciting storyline! I’ve got some great artists lined up, and I thought I’d also involve my trusty readers as well. That’s why I’m opening up the first ever Hero Business Suggestion Box!

Here’s how it works: I provide a theme, and you the fans submit suggestions in the comments feed below. I’ll present that list to the artists and a few of them will choose from your suggestions! And those chosen will receive a nifty Hero Business swag bag.

First Suggestion Theme: Cover Homages!

Put our Hero Business cast members in famous comic book covers! Bravado and Simon on Batman #183. Trixie Templeton on Lois Lane #106. Parker (and the Hero Business office) on Uncanny X-Men #171. That sort of thing.

The homage cover for The Hero Business Collection #3 was Superman (second series) #2 by John Byrne

In addition to our cast, don’t forget about our recurring characters, too:

Glamazon: Our brazen and bawdy Brazilian amazon (also friends with Morgan)
Trixie Templeton: Bravado’s kooky and clingy reporter girlfriend
Louie The Lounge Lizard: A reformed reptilian criminal who now owns a swanky bar-lounge called ‘The Rocks”
Demonatrix: Parker’s evil mother, a powerful demon sorceress and CEO of Infernal Enterprises
Primstone: Demontrix’s devilishly flamboyant assistant
Nocurnowl: A caped crusader with way too many sidekicks over the years
The Fowlers: Nocurnowl’s steady stream of boy sidekicks (one of ’em dated Morgan, Glamazon and Hex Kitten!)
Squawk Girl: Part of the “Nocurnowl Family,” she’s an overly-driven urban vigilante
Wallflower: The mousy and overlooked member of the Femtastic Four, with control over plants
Bug Boy: A spider-themed young hero
Uberboy: A horn dog young hero who uses his X-ray vision for mischief
Crood The Conquerer: An unaculturated Barbarian hero
Amerigirl:  A teen amazon with identity issues
Stiletto: A sexy and highly skilled vigilante super-heroine
JD Rivers: A bombastic hollywood director
Buddy Blathers: Comic book artist and egoist
sh1: “Super-Heroes 1”, a cable channel that’s all-super-heroes, all the time. Their show, “Week In Capes,” is hosted by four vapid TV personalities
Infernal Enterprises: An evil upstart company that specializes in Murders & Acquisitions
Ghoulrilla Marketing: a rival agency that caters to monsters and the undead

One of our Heroites has done a fabulous fan cast with most of our cast, which you can check out here!

Let the suggestions commence below!