First things first: Last week’s work schedule prevented me from providing a weekly update. Apologies all around, but I’m back on schedule this week and I’m working to get ahead of the game. So thanks for sitting tight, Heroites!

Now, onto this week’s Rough Monday which centered around Star Trek Comic Book mash-ups. As a longtime fan of the Teen Titans, I couldn’t resist the notion of mashing up Star Trek: The Next Generation’s resourceful counselor Deanna Troi with the constantly-in-identity-crisis Donna Troy. So what better than to lampoon the classic “Who Is Donna Troy?” cover by the incomparable George Pérez?

And substitute Robin for Riker (natch). And then trade the various Donna looks for the Troi looks from season 1, season 4, and season 7… it’s amazing how neatly they lined up… (did you know the crew jokingly called her “old Bun Head” during season one?)

And the final result:

In the original, Robin was holding Donna’s childhood doll. In the Star Trek version, Riker is holding an object close to Deanna’s family history. Any Trekkies out there know what that might be? If you do, reward yourself with a cup of Earl Grey. Hot.