A little something different for today’s “Rough Monday.” Since Bravado is in the middle of getting a makeover, I thought I’d share a makeover of my own. Remember those goofy junior Superfriends, Wendy & Marvin? It was like the first season of the show, when anti-violence in cartoons prevented the Superfriends from throwing too many punches. They would end up fighting a lot of misguided scientists and their gone-awry experiments. Wendy & Marvin were there for youthful “viewer identification.” And it’s all as terrible as it sounds.

As a challenge to make these guys hip and interesting, I re-imaged them both. Above is the pencil sketch… below is the finished piece. Give yourself a cookie if you can identify the Superfriends-universe villain on the screen!

I got more of these cartoon makeovers if you guys wanna see ’em….