Recently, the awesome “Dc Women Kicking Ass” site unearthed a late-70s super-pitch featuring girl-power punch.  From “Dc Women Kicking Ass”:

“In light of all the discussion about female characters recently, today I bring you the little known story of an all-female team book that was pitched at DC almost two decades before Birds of Prey debuted. Recently I spoke to the writer who pitched it, former DC editor and writer Jack C. Harris, about the book and team – the Power Squad!”

Here’s the original pitch art, by Trevor Von Eden:

I couldn’t get this pitch out of my head. I started sketching out some of the characters…

And then, I decided to do re-do the whole thing, as a long-lost house ad… using Jack C. Harris’ original copy:

… and I had to keep the oh-so 70s female symbol in the logo….