With “The All-New All-Different Bravado” storyline still running, I though I’d share another revamp I’ve been toying with: Jem and the Holograms, the truly outrageous toon from the 80s featuring an all-girl rock group.

It’s airing again on The Hub! No lie, I love the concept of “young people in bands having crazy adventures.” JEM delivered this in spades, along with hologram powers, secret identities and soap operatic continuity.

Here’s my first swipe at revamping Jem/Jerrica:

And here she is, along with revamped roadie Rio:

And here’s the final:

Now let’s take a rough look at the revamped Jem and the Holograms:

And the final version:

Next up: The Misfits and even the Stingers!