A few weeks back, I received a commission request from the fine folks at the Aquaman Shrine, a blog dedicated to all things Aquaman. In honor of Aquaman’s 70th birthday in print, they wanted a birthday celebration with aquafriends and aquafamily from various eras and incarnations….

Here’s the rough pencils, and I KNEW I wanted a cake….

… So I decided to throw in Tusky the Walrus for free, as a salute to the Aquaman Filmation cartoon of the late 60s.

So here’s the final:

(top, left to right): Silver Age Aquagirl, Tempest, Modern Era Aquagirl and “Young Justice” Aqualad; (bottom, left to right): “Batman: Brave & The Bold” Arthur Jr., Modern Era Aquaman, Modern Era Mera and from Filmation’s animated “Aquaman” it’s Tusky the Walrus.

Now blow out those electric eels and make a wish!

There’s talk of making this into a print for the New York Comic-Con at the Aquaman Shrine. I’ll keep you posted on that front!