So when I developed The Hero Business, I wanted each of the characters to be distinct. And that means they would also DRESS distinct. I decided on color schemes for each of them, but then I vary up the ensembles. It gives the comic some variety, and allows the characters to express themselves a little differently. The exceptions (for now) are Bravado and Malefactor, who wear more-or-less costumes, like old-school comic book characters.

This storyline, there’s quite a number of outfit changes for Bravado, but there’s also lots of different wardrobe selections for Parker, Simon, and Morgan, too… because things take place over several days time.

For Parker, I want her to look youthful and a little on the alternative side. She usually has black nail polish, heavy eyeliner, wrist cuffs, leather boots, and cute tops and skirts. So her outfits vary within that theme. Here’s a sketch of what she’s wearing in the next couple of strips (Thursday!). I always sketch out the outfits before I draw it on the page: