The 90s. It was the age of Zima, Melrose Place, Hootie and the Blowfish, sideburns and… Stiletto?

Yeah, Stiletto. One part “working at the mall”, one part “too much spare time” and one part “unhealthy comic book addiction.” It started as a lark… I created a mini-comic of “Stiletto”, a hard-edged heroine with a sharp blade and killer heels. It was only supposed to be one issue. But all my co-workers liked it so much, that it became a thing:

A sixteen issue mega-epic thing. With it’s own spin-off mini-series (“The Savage She-Cat” if you must know).

The character took a life of her own, serving as a satire for comic books, but “sexy under-dressed 90s anti-heroines” in particular (think: Lady Death, Cry For Dawn, Jim Balent’s Catwoman, and the like).

I took the first few issues of these (very, very rough) mini-comics and created my own ashcan editions available at good ol’ S&S Comics. Here’s the very first issue:

Stiletto had five ashcans in total, but the series didn’t catch the attention of any major publishers. When I started the Hero Business, I knew somehow Stiletto would return…. it was just a matter of when. She made a cameo return in “The All-New All-Different” Bravado on page 10, which skewered female exploitation comics. And then, when I brainstormed last week’s strip, the subject matter practically demanded Stiletto’s return.

I had already been toying with a revamped look, so I sketched it out:

And voila! Welcome back, ‘letto! We missed ya!

So, heroites…. do you like Stiletto? Would you like to see more of her archived 90s adventures on “Rough Mondays”? Let me know!