For this week’s Rough Monday, I’m sharing the preliminary sketch of a new commission… the Young Justice kids in their adult personas from the “Sins of Youth” crossover event…

This is in preparation for Boston Comic-Con, where I’ll have a table in Artist’s Alley. You can order a commission ($20/character) pre-show, if you’d like. It was an awesome show last year and I’m looking forward to seeing some Heroites in attendance!

Also, if you’d like to see the pencil sketches of the “Rough Monday” guessing game winners, just “like” our Facebook page.

The cover for collection #3 was based on Superman #2 by John Byrne.

And last week’s Mystery Cover Mash-Up was X-Men #1 merged with “The Facts of Life” television series. You can see the finished piece here.

Thanks for playing, everyone!