Back in from the first New York Comic-Con Special Edition! All in all, it was a great comic-focused show with some awesome guests. A lot of the fans seemed to like it because it was very laid-back and creator focused.

As always, with conventions comes commissions and sketches! I was pretty busy at this one, so here there are (taken with my iPhone, click to enlarge):

Jem_Jacqui_walko_web Catwoman_NYCSE2014 Choir_NYCSE2014_web Firestar_NYCSE2014_web Invincible_NYCSE2014_web DocOck_NYCSE2014_web KoiFishNinja_NYCSE2014_web Batman_NYCSE2014_web Frozen_NYCSE2014_web Killian_NYCSE2014_web PowerMan_NYCSE2014_web

Top to Bottom:

Jem & The Holograms “Flashback”
Choir (student at the X-Men Institute)
Doctor Octopus
Koi Fish Ninja
Isla from “Frozen”
Killian (creator-owned character)
Power Man (Victor Alvarez)

It was fun doing all of them; I often tell people doing commissions at shows is like a high wire act…. fun to stretch some muscles and draw new characters while trying to find inventive ways to portray them!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by!