It’s week two of the Comics Should Be Good “The Line Is Drawn” try-outs. The theme is “team ups” and “two comic characters that have never teamed up before.” You have to choose from a selection of fan-tweets, so I chose Booster Gold and Wonder Man.

My “genius” idea was to do a riff of those corny Hostess ads that ran in the late-70s and early-80s. You can check ’em out here. My idea was to portray the Hostess ads as a real paying spokesman-like gig. Yeah, perfect for two fame-seekers like Booster and Simon.

So here’s the pencil sketch:

I originally had Booster and Simon in their retro-80s era costumes; Then, I decided to keep it modern…. with the conceit that the snack food company had fallen on hard times and could no longer afford the likes of Superman and Spider-Man. And here’s the final:

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