Happy Monday, Heroites!

This weekend’s local Comic-Con, the so-called ComiCONN, was a smashing success! Best of all, it’s my my hometown…. so it was populated with friends, old high school chums, and local fans. And, as usual, I’ve got some nifty commissions to share!

[click to enlarge ’em]

The first is a redesign of the unused character named Graphix, from Jem and the Holograms. Here’s what we know: “Gwendolyn “Gwen” Snyder is a graffiti artist/graphic designer Eric Raymond hired to promote the Misfits and the Stingers. Regarded as a spoiled, shallow valley girl, Graphix would’ve been more closely associated with the Stingers.”

I re-imaged her as a Brooklyn street artist. I kinda dig the new look!

From Connecticut’s Comic-Con 2012, taken with my iPhone: a Wonder Woman commission! I’ve sketched out variations of this numerous times.. Wonder Woman in a relaxed flight mode just thankin’ a bird for a tip.

Also, because this happened.

From Connecticut’s Comic-Con 2012, taken with my iPhone: a Dr. Fate commission! I never drew him before, but I was happy with the way this turned out, using the sigil in a design motif.

From Connecticut’s Comic-Con 2012, taken with my iPhone: It’s the Powerpuff Girls a la Walko! I aged them up a bit, and here they are. It’s hard doing such conceptual stuff at a Con… I wish I had more time to really re-imagine them!

It’s an unclaimed piece, a hot-panted 70s-era Supergirl!

It’s an unclaimed piece, a Catwoman inspired by both Julie Newmar and Anne Hathaway! (this one has now been claimed… thanks, internet!)

And thanks to everyone who stopped by and made the show such an awesome one!

I’m still playing a bit of scheduling catch-up, but I already have this week’s page plotted and penciled, so we’re back with new stuff this Friday. Plus, it’s gearing up to a bonus 2-page update in a few weeks….

Bonus Hero Business! Hurray!