Back from a super-successful, awesomely-fun Boston Comic-Con experience! Definitely one of my favorite cons. And with that, a whole slew of commissions and sketches… taken with my iPhone. I was very busy this year…


The first pre-show commission for Boston Comic-Con… it’s the Young Justice kids in their adult forms from the “Sins of Youth” crossover event!

Ah, another pre-con Boston Comic-Con commission… here’s Atom’s Teen Titans during their visit to Skartaris!

“The Whiz”: Another prelim Boston Comic-Con commission request… this dude is from DC’s Kingdom Come, the son of Captain Marvel Jr. and Mary Marvel. Sha-ZAM!

The request for Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m a HUGE fan of the series and this was going into a sketchbook with some serious artwork. Pressure! In the ends, I just had to add in Katara and Sokka. I want  to re-do this one in color!

The request for Impulse!

The request was for Lin-Z Pierce from Jem!

The super-cool Boston fangirls returned this year with the most awesome requests for yours truly! 🙂 The request was for “big hair” Starfire, so I obliged!

A Scarlet Witch commission!

The request for de-aged Loki and Damian Wayne. Ho-boy, so many possibilities with this one!! I decided to play up the different way the boys would approach a mission…

Here’s an Indiana Jones request — never drew him before, so this was fun!

Here’s Steve Rogers: Super Soldier… ready for action!

Here’s “Honest Jon”, a creator-owned character!

Damian Wayne, who is too much fun to draw.

A 90s Superboy commission, per request!

So this is a thing that happened. Dr. Doom stiffed Cage for $200 and he flew to Latveria to confront Lord Doom… and uttered this exact phrase. Only in the 70s! A hilariously fun commission to close out the con!

Thanks to EVERYONE who stopped by to see me! It was a great show – even better than last year! 😀