A few months ago, I was treated to a sneak preview of John Hazard’s clever new webcomic, Frankenstein Superstar. The comic centers around the Frankenstein Monster and his Bride (a smart, sexy Jewish woman) living in New York, as the by-gone movie monster tries to make it in our modern world.

To my delight, John asked permission to use Dr. Malefactor and Parker in a gag, in what is now our very first crossover appearance! I love John’s take on the characters, plus the strip is funny, too. Here’s what John has to say:

“My second comic- and already, a crossover?!?! The characters in the first panel are Doctor Malefactor and Parker from the wonderful webcomic The Hero Business by my pal Bill Walko. We met in the trenches of Webcomics Bootcamp, and bonded over the horrors of war (by which I mean creating webcomics). His help and encouragement helped me get Franky in the fight, and with this strip I salute him. March on over to his site, a great send- up of a world where superheroes exist- and hire P.R. people!”

Do yourself a favor and check out the comic here.