Hey, the “History of Things To Come” blog has cited “The Hero Business as one of the “Five Fabulous Webcomics you Shouldn’t Miss.” Here’s what they say:

“Bill Walko’s new Web Comic The Hero Business is an incredibly funny and scathing look at the cynical world of superheroic comicdom now. […] This strip is sort of like WKRP in Cincinnati meets the Modern Age of comic books, with the revolving door of death a sharp little sub-theme alongside a celebutante hero wannabe, who oozes millennial entitlement in the first issue. There are also some cool plot twists in among the jokes.

But what really sets this strip apart? It’s an original mix of three things: Postmodern office satire with a Fourth Wall comics Bullpen parody set inside a superheroic narrative. – Ever wondered what would happen if all those editors and creators that comics fans love to complain about suddenly lived in a superheroic universe, possibly had superpowers themselves, and were subjected to the mad turns of their own decision-making? Find out in The Hero Business.”

Aww, thanks guys. I should be posting some shiny new Hero Business in December, so stay tuned!

You can check out the other four right here.