Rondal Scott III of gives a nice shout-out to The Hero Business on the May 18th edition of Webcomics Wedesdays:

The Hero Business, much as it sounds, centers around a sort of “image consultant” agency that caters specifically to superheroes. As such a specialized agency, you can only imagine the hijinks that ensue when you mix The Office with Heroes. With such a character-driven concept much of the storyline relies on the strength of its cast and creator Bill Walko definitely delivers. Walko has assembled a cast that is as diverse in their motivations for being in The Hero Business as the situations they find themselves in.

The regular webcomic walks you through an orientation of sorts that acts as a proper introduction the how The Hero Business works as well as providing our perspective character in the form of new recruit Parker Jameson. The best way to dive right in, however, is with Walko’s series of Coffee Break short gags which feature various cast members in a one-off sort of strip that pokes fun at superhero stereotypes with humorous results.”

Check out the site. Some really cool stuff to discover there!