FlixMentallo21 (aka Picassamia on our boards) has done a really, really fun fancast of “The Hero Business” as an animated series over at comicbookmovie.com, where fans create dream casts of their favorite comic-related properties.

Here’s what Flix had to say: “I thought this would make a good animated series, so this fancast is the result–with Walko himself (via the comments section on his site) giving me the okay to do so. The art style would be taken right from Walko (though I’d imagine he’d be doing the animation himself, if given the chance), and the cartoon would air on G4 (which I think would be the best home for it). Here is my voice cast, divided into the main characters and the guests (bio info courtesy of the site).”

Here’s a few of my favorite choices from Flix’s cast:

George Lowe as the voice of Bravado. Flix says: “Lowe provided the voice of Space Ghost on the cult hit “Space Ghost: Coast to Coast”, and when I read Bravado’s lines in the web comic, I immediately thought of Lowe. His voice is just perfect for this guy.”

Simon Helberg as the voice of Brody LeBlanc. Flix says: “It took me a while to figure out who had the right voice for Brody, and finally, I thought of Helberg, and this would be the total opposite of Howard Wolowitz for him, which I’d think he’d have fun with.”

Billy West as the voice of Louie the Lounge Lizard. Flix says: “For picking Billy West, I thought that for Louie, he could combine his voice for Rancid Rabbit from CatDog with a bit of Moe Syzlak and Harvey Fierstein to get the right rasp for this slithery bartender.”

Rosario Dawson as the voice of Glamazon. Flix says: “I went with Dawson since she’s had experience playing an Amazon before, Artemis in the 2009 Wonder Woman animated film.”

Katee Sackhoff as the voice of Stiletto. That’s just about perfect.

And this is just a sampling of my favorites. Flix has done a gleefully exhaustive fan cast, featuring the complete  Hero Business staff and clientele. Check it out here!

So, who would you cast, Heroites???