A while back, FlixMentallo21 (aka Picassamia on our boards) Hero Business fan did a super-cool fan cast of the Hero Business as an animated series over at comicbookmovie.com. You can check it out here!

Now Flix has returned to round out the cast, with roles for all the Hero Business players featured in the last 4 story lines! Here’s a few of my favorite choices from Flix’s cast:

Laura Prepon as the voice of Morgan Sinclaire, PR director
Flix sea: “Prepon has one of those voices that perfectly fits the bill for Morgan’s character, thus her being my pick. I could easily see her pulling off Morgan’s poised and disciplined manner very effectively, until she turns into…no, no, I ain’t spillin’…. ”

Wendy Schaal as the voice of Trixie Templeton
Flix sez: “I chose Schaal because of her voice of Francine on American Dad (which I think has a bit of a classic Lois Lane-esque sound), and thought she’d be killer as Trixie.”

Curtis Armstrong as the voice of Buddy Blathers
Flix sez: “I chose Armstrong for his voice work as Snot on “American Dad!” and “Dan Vs.” (whose lead character looks a bit like Buddy). I think he’d do a great riff on perceived “fanboys-turned-creators”. ”

David Spade as the voice of Primstone
Flix sez: “With David Spade as Primstone, here’s what went down: when I read Primstone’s lines, all of a sudden, Spade’s snooty receptionist character from Saturday Night Live came to mind. Think about it….. ” (as a fan of the under-rated “Just Shoot Me,” I co-sign this choice in spades!)

Mayim Bialik as the voice of Wallflower
Flix sez: “Wallflower, Glamazon and H-Kit’s former teammate, has plant-based powers and–well, basically, think Amy Farrah Fowler (Bialik’s character on Big Bang Theory), only not super-smart and with more chlorophyll, out for revenge. I think Bialik could have fun with that…. ”

Be sure to check out Flix’s detailed post for even MORE awesome casting choices!

So who would you cast, Heroites?