Another nice blog review of the Hero Business, from Dark Matters:

“I want to thank my good friend Bob Voros for introducing me to two great webcomics. is follows a group of comic geeks who work in a bookstore. It also takes a funny look at the business and insider news of the comic book world. It’s pretty cool.

The Hero Business is my personal favourite. It’s about the people who work in a marketing firm for superheroes. It combines office humour with standard superhero tropes. It’s very smart and very funny. Check it out.

It takes me back to one of the first webcomics I discovered in 2009. Snafu comics used an anime-inspired style to combine characters and from some of my favourite Cartoon Network cartoons such as Dexter’s Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls and Samurai Jack and create what I still think are some of the coolest art on the web. Sadly, the site hasn’t been updated in nearly a year. You can still see them here.”

Thanks for the kind words, Chinelo.

I also second her thoughts on It’s a pretty funny comic! Check it out.