Did you ever wonder where a struggling student like Peter Parker got those custom-branded spider-tracers? Or how Batman replaced his sidekicks so quickly? Or why those superhero team-ups occur so coincidentally?


Well, wonder no more.


Welcome to The Hero Business, where super-powered promotion is all in a day’s work.


The series revolves around an agency that serves the superhero community. But the battles raged inside this office can rival the flying fisticuffs of its clientele. Under the humorous hijinks, desperate co-workers are harboring deep, dark secrets. And when the dirty details are exposed, they just may doom the company before the next crossover season!


The Hero Business is “The Avengers” meets “The Office” – equal parts satirical sitcom, superhero saga and ongoing soap opera. See why Bleeding Cool describes it as “an impressive piece of revisionist satire,” and Comic News Insider hails it as “really, really funny.”


Bill Walko here. I’m the creator, writer and artist behind The Hero Business. Launched in 2010 as a webcomic, it has garnered a dedicated fan following as well as critical acclaim.


The series marks my first push into self-publishing. Having spent most of my career as a graphic artist and illustrator, I really wanted to create a humor-based comic book that celebrated the fun side of super-heroics. 


Inspiration struck when I thought of melding my marketing experience with the world of costumed crusaders. What if there was a marketing agency just for superheroes? An entity that arranged those seemingly accidental team-ups? An agent negotiating your center spot in super-team group shots? A crisis management expert to cover up the less-than-heroic antics of the world’s greatest heroes? Much like real life, these super celebrities would be backed by a clever (and sometimes unscrupulous) unseen marketing machine.


That’s when the name hit me: The Hero Business. The comic, inspired by a marketing career and a lifetime of comic book reading, instantly started to write itself. After all, with great power comes great marketability.