The excellent “Comics Worth Reading” dug up some “webcomics worth reading” at the 2011 Baltimore Comic-Con. Here’s what comic book journalist extraordinaire Joanna Draper Carlson says:

“The Hero Business by Bill Walko. My favorite, because it gives me the feeling of watching The Middleman. Parker is a receptionist at the Hero Business, whose motto is “with great power comes great marketability.” They’re an advertising agency with superheroes as clients, and I liked what I saw so much I bought the print version. (It helped that instead of being asked to commit $20, it was only $5 (in color) but doubles up strips so it still feels substantial.) That was an easy choice once I saw the two demo strips Bill had printed out and visible. They made me laugh, and they were well-drawn — what more did I need? (It was only at home that I realized I’d previously praised Bill’s work at Project Rooftop.) Launched March 2010 and updates weekly.”

Thanks, Johanna!