Temp Month continues at The Hero Business, where you’ll be treated to different takes on the Hero Business universe through a series of special creators.

This week, we’re proud to run a funny comic from the creators of the hilarious Hero Happy Hour, by Dan Taylor and Chris Fason. If you’re not familiar with it, do yourself a favor and belly up to the Hideout Bar & Grill… where you can knock back a pint with The Guardian and Night Ranger (insert “Sister Christian” jokes here). I think their approach of “mundane meets meta-human” fits oh-so-snugly into our cast of characters.

I’m thinking we need to order up a second round at some point and do a crossover. Maybe some bar wars with “The Rocks”, the Hero Business’ bar of choice?

PLUS: Stop by tomorrow for some Temp Month bonuses: our first-ever Hero Business fan art!