Temp Month continues — where you’ll be treated to different takes on the Hero Business universe through a series of special creators.

This week, we’ve got another awesome comic book cover homage, pulled from our suggestion box. Hero Biz fan Shaver80 suggested, “Action Comics #1 with Bravado and Malfactor as the scared running dude.” And the ever-amazing Chaz whipped up this great piece in his signature style! Here’s the original cover:

Once again, I love the little references the artists add in. Like Malefactor’s M.I.T.T. Mobile (which is just begging to be used again), and the fact that Bravado is wrecking the car because it’s illegally parked.

Chaz is one of the featured “The Line It Is Drawn” artists on Comic Book Resources’ “Comics Should Be Good.” You can check out more of his fantastic work there! And congrats to Shaver80, who wins a Hero Biz swag bag for this chosen selection.

And this week, we’ve got TWO more Temp comics. Stay tuned Heroites!