Temp Month continues — where you’ll be treated to different takes on the Hero Business universe through a series of special creators.

A few months ago, Scott Bachmann had mentioned, “I just love Bill Walko’s universe and the stuff he comes up with. I like most of the creative worlds in this [Collective of Heroes] group, but It’s Bill’s that tips the edge and makes me want to write stories in his world. I want to create a villain called The Plot Twister and have an epic battle with Major Spoiler.”

A huge compliment, coming from the writer of “Our Super Mom”, an extremely engaging comic about a semi-retired super-heroine who manages to raise kids while saving the world a few times.

So when I saw his interest, I immediately recruited (ok, begged, cajoled and pitched) him for this go-round of Temp Month. So Scott rallied his artist, the talented Scott D M Simmons, and the idea of The Plot Twister became a reality! (Seems like everyone loves to hate those Spoilers, heh.)

And with this strong entry, we close out another Temp Month Event! Thanks to all the extremely gracious and talented creators who lent their abilities to my little world.

The next couple of weeks will bring some nice Hero Business BONUSES, as we revamp of for the 6th exciting storyline!