Temp Month continues — where you’ll be treated to different takes on the Hero Business universe through a series of special creators.

This week, I’m so excited to share my latest Hero Business character commission from the superb J. Bone!

J. Bone is an Eisner Award nominated Canadian comic book artist and writer who has worked on such titles as DC Comics’ Batman: The Brave and the Bold and Super Friends. He was the inker on the Eisner Award-winning one-shot Batman/The Spirit. In short, he’s awesome!

I met J. at the Boston Comic Con, and he was super busy, but gracious enough to finish this after the show. We chatted about art styles for a while. You’ve no doubt seen his art around the internet. It’s fun and stylish and It’s oh-so suited to the Hero Business universe! Notes J., “It was a lot of fun drawing your characters. Picked [Glamazon and Morgan] because of their friendly rivalry.”

Love how this one came out!

Be sure to check out J.’s art on his blog, too!