Temp Month continues — where you’ll be treated to different takes on the Hero Business universe through a series of special creators. 

Did I ever mention how lucky I am  to know so many fantastic artists? Last year, the amazingly talented Jason Williams graced the Hero Business with a BONUS Bravado pin-up! I’m such a fan of Jason’s work, I enlisted his skills again this year…. and happily, he obliged!

Jason’s take on Malefactor was brilliant. I was inspired to add a little “memo gag” to give it the ol’ Hero Business spin. (Poor Eli, always so close yet so far!)

Do yourself a favor and check out more of Jason’s stuff  on his web site. Then, see what he’s done on Legend of Bill’s Barwench Tales (an offshoot of the excellent webcomic by David Reddick) and Super Fogeys (another great webcomic, by Brock Heasley & Marc Lapierre!)