It’s bonus day at The Hero Business!

This week, we’re looking at the cover to the second Hero Business comic, “The All-New, All-Different Bravado.” As loyal heroites recall, the first Hero Business collection was an homage to John Byrne’s Uncanny X-Men #139.

The second storyline’s cover is a nod to Teen Titans #23 by the legendary Nick Cardy. Fittingly, it also featured the debut of the all-new Wonder Girl, looking very mod-sexy. Here’s the original cover:

Who pays for all those ripped up life-size posters anyway? Leave it to Bravado to take part in such a self-indulgent act of dramatic narcissism.

And now, a few announcements:

First Announcement: As mentioned, this art will adorn the cover of our second collection, featuring the full-length “All-New, All-Different Bravado” with a handful of “Coffee Break” gags as well. Start saving your pennies (you’ll need 500 of them), as the comic is due to hit our Gift Shop toward the end of October!

Second Announcement: As previously mentioned, I’ll be attending the ComiCONN in Stamford, Connecticut on Saturday, August 27th. It looks to be a fun show, and a good reason to escape a dreary pre-Hurricane day. Stop by my booth for comics, sketches and other fun surprises!

Third Announcement: September is Temp Month! As I gear up for the third storyline, I welcome a host of talented creators to grant their own take on The Hero Business universe. We’ll still run new comics every Thursday (and possibly in between). I’ve seen a few of ’em already completed, and you guys are in for a treat!

Lastly, I’d like to thank all you heroites for your continued support. The comic has been steadily gaining momentum the past year, so I thank you for spreading the good word!