March is usually the time for doling out bonuses – so why not give a bonus Hero Business this week?

I’ve had this idea swirling around in my head for a while now… doing homage covers for each storyline.  In capturing Parker’s first day, I created an homage cover to the legendary Uncanny X-Men #139 (original art by John Byrne):

Welcome to the Hero Business, Parker. Hope you survive the experience!

And now, a few announcements:

First announcement: This homage image will adorn the very first Hero Business product: The Hero Business Collection 1. This issue collects the first storyline, “Orientation,” along with eight “Coffee Break” gags. 36 office-packed pages in all!

Plus, as an added bonus, I’m including a limited-edition Boston Comic-Con exclusive for all orders up til the con, on April 30 and May 1. This slipsheet will include “rough draft” sketches of Hero Business characters never seen online.

That leads me to my second announcement: I’ll be attending Boston Comic-Con in Artists Alley… doing commissions and selling some ultra cool Hero Business swag. I’m taking pre-orders on commissions if you guys want any (and that includes requests for Marvel and DC characters).

And that leads to my third announcement: I’ll be opening up a storefront in the next week, where fans can order cool new Merch, as well as the aforementioned Collection with Boston Comic-Con limited edition slipsheet.

The Hero Business Merch Madness. It was all Simon’s idea, I swear.