Looks like someone has a case of the Mondays! And it looks like this week needs one of these!

So that’s where Brody’s been! We haven’t seen him since Simon banished him to the Hall of Records. And as Dr. Zaius once told Taylor, “Don’t look [for answers]. You may not like what you find.”

Well that’s it, Heroites… the end of storyline five! Hope you enjoyed our spotlight on Simon as we ramped up to our season one finale!

Next week is a bonus week. And then it’s Temp Month, where a bunch of talented artists provide their own take on the Hero Business.

And then it’s the storyline you’ve been waiting for! This is the culmination of “phase one” of the Hero Business universe!

So how are you handling this week’s reveal? What are you hoping to see in storyline six? And which characters do you want to see more of? Sound off below!