About five years ago, I dipped my toe back into comic books with my own creator-owned comic, The Hero Business. I mapped out a 6-episode “season” to run as a web comic and eventually package in trade to build a wider audience. It was a risk, a career evolution and something of a lifelong dream all rolled into one.

Launching a project on Kickstarter isn’t easy and there’s no guarantees. But you guys have exceeded all my expectations! Backed in 15 days, 174% funded with 5 Stretch Goals unlocked.

Wow. I’m beyond thrilled and a little bit humbled.

So a big heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has pledged, commented, shared, reblogged, retweeted, offered advice and rallied around me. Your support is truly astonishing and overwhelming!

And now, I have a book to put together. And a Season Two to plan out. Just you wait, office mates… the best is yet to come!