Last year I participated in the Collective of Heroes Secret Santa Swap. And this year, I’m back for round 2!

Ace creator Shawn Gustafson had a genius idea this year: Each guest piece should feature at least one character from the creator’s own comic, and at least one from the recipient’s comic engaged in some sort of holiday activity together.

Yesterday, I posted my Secret Santa gift from Scott Bachmann & Scott Simmons of Our Super Mom.

Today I’m sharing my Secret Santa gift to Phineus, Magician For Hire. It seemed natural to tie The Krampus to Phineus via Dr. Malefactor. Between this and the ugly sweater contest, Eli certainly is having a fun holiday!

Be sure to check out ALL the Secret Santa entries at the Collective of Heroes Secret Santa Hub Page. You’ll probably discover some nifty new webcomics along the way!

For those who have asked, YEP I’m working on season two of The Hero Business and I hope to start up with a new storyline in February. In the meantime, I’ll have some more new comics and stuff to share here in January so be sure to check back in 2016!

Happy Holidays everyone!