Double page bonus comic this week!

I think page 11 needs one of these.

So mid-story I deliver another Hero Business style shocker!! I think a lot of people might have known Hex Kitten was going to crash Glamazon’s book party, but did anyone guess exactly how she’d arrive?!?

And yup, this has been planned all along. Hex Kitten “appeared” in our very first storyline for this reason, complete with the same coloring as Morgan. There’s also this little nugget of information that could drive a future story. And of course, some foreshadowing in this very storyline — on page 3 and page 9. Did you catch ’em, Heroites?!?

I really think this puts a whole new spin on Morgan’s character, and it’s definitely something we’ll explore moving forward. In my early Hero Business drafts, there was always this exact scene — Morgan being outed in front of friends, clients and co-workers… and I’m thrilled to finally share it with y’all.

A few more revelations next week… where the fur really starts to fly! Buckle up, Heroites, we’re in for a bumpy ride!