The cover of “Cry Malefactor!” serves as this week’s comic.

Thanks to everyone who played my “Rough Monday” cover homage guessing game. We had a few winners who have been notified by e-mail, each guessing correctly:

The homage cover for The Hero Business Collection #3 is Superman (second series) #2 by John Byrne, originally published in 1987. Quite a memorable issue… where Lex’s clues lead to the inevitable conclusion that Clark Kent must be Superman…. and Lex dismisses this outright, as he cannot fathom Superman pretending to be human.

I really wanted a Lex-parody cover for our “Cry, Malefactor!” story … and this one fit quite nicely, hope you enjoy! Also, give yourself a cookie if you recognize the tagline in the indicia box! ; )

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