Double page bonus comic this week!

I think the last page needs one of these.

I just didn’t have the heart to make you guys wait a week between pages 18 and 19. And, this brings our epic third storyline, “Cry, Malefactor!”, to a close. It’s also the half-way point for what I consider “season one” of The Hero Business!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I like to plant little clues along the way to reward observant readers. Demonatrix has been previously mentioned in “The All-New, All-Different Bravado” as well as earlier in this very story arc. Interesting that Parker’s mom has got some history with our cast, hmm?

And, of course, this reveal was set up earlier in this storyline as well when Malefactor interviewed at Infernal Enterprises.

And, in “Orientation,” Louie’s dialogue set up the Infernal Enterprises connection. It pays to read and reread here at The Hero Business! ; )

Our next storyline is titled “Frenemy Mine” and it focuses on Morgan and Glamazon’s unique relationship. In the meantime, there’s some new coffee breaks to enjoy!

Hope you guys are enjoying the comics and the storylines…. and if you are, spread a little word-of-mouth marketing! ; )