I think we’ve all had a situation like panel 2, eh? I can totally empathize, Morgan and Simon!


Buddy Blathers is back, worse than ever! That guy has some interesting ideas about comics …


… and some even more interesting ideas about females heroes.


In other news, I’m gearing up for two more Northeast con appearances in September:


GraniteCon (in Manchester NH) – September 17-18


ComiCONN (in Hartford CT) – September 24-25


I still have a few slots open in my pre-show commission list — so let me know if you’d like something! I’ve been busy on a few of ’em! The pre-show rates are cheaper than my at-show rates, a little something extra for my fans and followers! You can get all the details right here!


So what do you think Clody has to say about the good Mr. Blathers? You know what they say… hell hath no fury like a fanboy scorned!