The nerve of that Uberman guy! Anyone else think this clash of the Titans is a little one-sided? I mean, I know that Uberman Returns movie wasn’t very good, but come on now, Bravado!


I’ve been planning on bringing Uberman onto the canvas for a while now to serve as an arch-rival to Bravado. I guess we can’t blame Bravado too much for throwing shade, tho…. I mean, Uberman is more successful, better looking, more powerful and he even stole Trixie Templeton away at least once — actually, maybe twice! And that bratty Uberboy sidekick is quite a handful.


In other news, I’m gearing up for two more Northeast con appearances in September:

GraniteCon (in Manchester NH) – September 17-18

ComiCONN (in Hartford CT) – September 24-25


With that, I’m taking a limited number of pre-show commissions — so let me know if you’d like something! Doing something new this year: the pre-show rates are cheaper than my at-show rates, a little something extra for my fans and followers! You can get all the details right here!


And “The Battle of Uranus”? Try harder, people! ; )