It’s the Secret Santa Swap that keeps on giving!

As part of the Collective of Heroes, we do a Secret Santa thing. An apparently, Scott Bachmann & Scott Simmons of Our Super Mom drew The Emerald Yeti.… and had the same idea I had the year previously!


Sez Bachmann, on delivering this wonderful Secret Santa surprise: “Our little holiday payback for pre-stealing our Secret Santa idea. We WERE going to have Markie zipping around the Emerald Yeti with garland, while Gail levitated ornaments on. The caption? “This. This right here. This is why I hate kids.””

Eh, I like what they did better anyway.

But I’m sure not gonna refuse an awesome guest comic like this!

Um, what was someone just saying last week about shipping in the Hero Business?!? Somewhere, Major Spoiler is laughing his ass off.

Here’s a larger version of the comic to CLICK for viewing:


Happy Holidays, Heroites!
And thanks again, Scott & Scott!