Well, we’re back! And Season Two starts with a little metaphysical fun!


First the bad news: Thanks to everyone for hanging in there while I rebuilt the site from an unexpected crash. It only took 4 web experts and two weeks! (yikes) Hopefully, we are glitch-free from this point on!


Now for the good news: My art has evolved a lot since first starting the comic, and I was really looking to kick things up a notch in season two! You’ll notice some mild design tweaks to some of the characters. But more importantly, you’ll see some richer backgrounds to really give our characters a unique sense of “place”!


I’ve always wanted to give the series the look of an animated cartoon, and my new coloring process helps bring that home. It also gives a real style to The Hero Business office!


While on hiatus between seasons one and two, I’ve been working hard on making season two even better! You can check out more of the new look in the revised Media Room here at Hero Business Central!


Come back next week for more metaphysical hi-hinx with Deus X Machina. And then we’re kicking off season two in earnest. Here’s a tease: The Hero Business is heading to Comic Con!