Serendipity! For anyone following my antics at CBR’s “The Line Is Drawn”, it’s been a double dose of Walko-ness. This week’s theme was “Cross-Company Team Ups”, and frequent Line-Suggester Big Mike requested “The Crusader (Love & Capes) & Bravado (The Hero Business)” — and here is the result!

I’ve been a big fan of Thom Zahler’s super-romantic comedy comic, “Love and Capes”, which has been running for years. His universe actually fits very snugly with the Hero Business… so I was pleased to do this one AND give Thom a plug… so go read his comic!

Additionally, this gives me a bit of a breather. With that, our fourth storyline will be underway very soon, which focuses on Morgan.

It also helps me prepare for the upcoming Albany Comic-Con this Sunday, June 10th. If you’re in the area, please stop by!