Happy Halloween, heroites! It’s a Halloween-themed comic this week. I had lots of fun devising suitable costume ideas for Parker, Brody and Simon.

So have you seen some of these sexy Halloween costumes? Each year, they get more and more baffling. I was especially startled to see a “sexy Robin” costume and a “sexy Ninja Turtle” costume. So… leave it to Simon to concoct not only a sexy Bravado costume, but a sexy Dr. Malefactor costume, too.

I’m with Brody… some of these costumes conjure up disturbing flip-floppy fantasies.

For everyone in the New York area, just a reminder I’ll be a guest at the Albany Comic Con on Sunday, October 30th. I’ll be doing sketches, selling Hero Business Collections as well as various Art Cards and Prints.

So what’s the weirdest-sexy Halloween costume you guys have seen?