We’re back in business! New Hero Business Comics every Thursday, starting this week! You might notice a few new things. I learned a lot going through the first storyline. During my break, I’ve been refining a number of things (including site design, art and story structure). The pages are a little bigger to provide a little more content each week. The character designs have been tweaked a tiny bit. Overall, I think it’s a much slicker look and I hope you agree!

With that, I bring you our very first COFFEE BREAK. In between storylines, I’ll be doing some done-in-one gag strips centered in the Hero Business universe. Some may be one panel, others will be multi-panel strips around a single joke or theme. It’s all “in continuity” mind you… we’ll even meet some new clients that play into storylines in the future. After about 6-8 COFFEE BREAKS, we’re into the second storyline: “The All-New, All-Different Bravado”!

For today’s piece, I wanted to do a joke around returning from vacation. In a sense, a nice “welcome back” to readers. I also thought the notion of Space-Time Travel Agents was a fun one.