“Hero Business Does Damage Control” A few fans have noted the similarities between my comic and Marvel’s 1989 series, Damage Control. Set within the Marvel universe, Damage Control was a company that specialized in all those messy after-battle clean-ups. Like the Hero Business, it was a sit-com-like series set at a company – and it often poked fun at some familiar comic book conventions.

I hate to admit I never read the series. It’s on my “intending to read” list. But it was created and written by the late, great Dwayne McDuffie…  so I’m reasonably sure it’s good stuff.

For this fun imaginary team-up, I created an homage to the cover of  Damage Control #1. But I added a Walko-esque take on the entire cast, and substituted the Marvel heroes for my own.

Thanks to fans who suggested this idea over at “The Line It Is Drawn” Dream Team Week.

Yeah, this crossover would definitely rock.

Next week, we kick off the fifth storyline, focusing on everyone’s favorite unscrupulous Marketing Manager. It’s “Simon Sayeth”… and things are about to get very interesting, Heroites!