We’re back in business this summer, starting with this special BONUS!


This week, we’re looking at the cover to the 7th Hero Business storyline, “Crisis At Comic-Con.” With a concept of dual Brodys, what better cover to homage than the classic Flash #123 by Carmine Infantino?


Check out the original cover:



I hope one of the Brodys was able to save those precious Uberman comics! They look less than NM – the horrors!



Speaking of Comic Cons, I’ll be at San Diego Comic-Con next week in the SMALL PRESS ARENA – Aisle O at table 05…. with Hero Business books, sketch cover comics, limited-edition prints, original art and more! If you’re going to the show be sure to stop by!




But before I go, I’ll be posting the first page of the eight storyline. Here’s a hint: It’s titled “Hexes and Ohs!” — Any guesses on who will be featured in this one?